Biceps exercises for gym

Biceps exercises will help you in many ways, just like it will grow up your biceps muscles, it will help you in many exercises too, it will provide strength for many other exercises like your doing dips, it will help you in doing more sets.

biceps increase your personality as well, some of the biceps exercises are given below, do all in proper ways:


Standing dumbbell curl:

Source: google image
  1. Take a pair of dumbbell and hang it at arm’s length next to your sides.
  2. Without moving upper arms bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as much you can.
  3. Feel the bicep muscle and slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.
  4. Your arm should be in straitening position
  5. Repeat the step for 3 times at least as per your capacity.


EZ-Bar Preacher Curl:

Source: google image


  1. First resting your arm on a sloping pad of a bench.
  2. Grab an EZ-bar with your hands six inches apart and hold the bar in your hands, see that you should be straight in the front of your elbow slightly bent.
  3. Without moving your upper arm bend your arms towards your shoulders, then slowly lower the weight back to starting position.
  4. Do this exercise at least 3 times according to your capacity


Negative chin up:


Source: google image
  1. This is very simple exercise for the biceps in this you just need to lifting up your weight by yourself
  2. Let’s start how we can do this exercise, you just need to stand up under a chin-up bar, jump up and grab the bar.
  3. Grab the bar as your chest is even with your hands . just lift up your body so that your chest touch up the bar, up and down your body, do this exercises as per your capacity.

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