Fantastic 28+ Things to Do on a Road Trip with Friends

A road trip with friends can lead to some of the most memorable adventures. When you’re stuck in traffic for hours on end. Then you’ll need to organize some activities to pass the time and build memories together on your road trip. Planning fun things to do on a road trip with friends is key to making the journey entertaining.

This article will provide you with 28+ creative ideas for fun things to do on a road trip with friends. These activities, which range from games and singing to snacks and stops, will keep you occupied and make the miles fly by. With your favorite group of people in the backseat, the guide covers pertinent ways to engage, play, explore, and strengthen your bonds.

Fantastic Things to Do on a Road Trip with Friends

Embarking on a road trip with friends opens up a world of adventure and excitement, and the best part? There are 30 fantastic things to do, ensuring a journey filled with unforgettable moments and lifelong memories.

1. Sing Your Hearts Out


Turn any drive into an epic sing-along session by belting out your favorite tunes. Make upbeat road trip playlists featuring all your crew’s favorite songs. Additionally, you can engage in ridiculous duets or hold a karaoke contest to see who can sing the loudest. Together, you will bond through singing, and the miles will pass quickly.

2. Dress Up in Theme Outfits

Dress Up in Theme Outfits

Coordinating silly-themed outfits adds a hilarious element to road trips. Get decked out in tacky tourist gear like fanny packs and visors, all wear the same color from head to toe, or come up with creative, punny costumes. Stop to get legendary theme photos together at landmarks along the way. It may seem ridiculous but makes for big laughs down the road.

3. Play Road Trip Games


Classic road trip games are essential for entertaining passengers and passing the time. The alphabet game, 20 questions, I Spy, license plate search and Would You Rather are great options to get everyone engaged. Invent your personalized games too! Quizzing each other with trivia, telling stories, and sharing funny jokes also adds fun.

4. Enjoy the Views

Part of the joy of road-tripping is taking in all the cool sights along the way. Stop at scenic overlooks and touristy landmarks to snap photos and make fun memories at unique spots. Capture the perfect group shots and silly selfies with the picturesque backdrops. Don’t forget to pose with any quirky roadside attractions you find!

5. Have a Healthy Stop


Pull over when you see an enticing park or nature area so you can all get moving. Play an impromptu game of ultimate frisbee, have a dance party, try yoga poses together, or go on a short hike. Stretching your legs reenergizes you for more quality time with friends back in the car.

6. Play Car Games Apps


While you may want to limit electronics, some interactive game apps can provide entertainment and laughs during long stretches. Heads Up and other charades-style apps are great for getting everyone engaged. Road trip bingo, scavenger hunt games, and trivia games also make drives more fun.

7. Have a Picnic


Why eat bland rest-stop food when you can picnic in style? Pack a cooler with all your favorite snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and other portable foods. Keep an eye out for a nice park or scenic area to pull over and have a yummy impromptu meal outdoors together.

8. Take Lots of Photos


Capture all your inside jokes, laughing fits, mishaps, and fun adventures through photos along the trip. Try to get a shot documenting each memorable moment. Make it a game trying to get the most insane pictures. You can make a scrapbook or look back at the hilarious pics later.

9. Make Playlists Together


Brainstorm songs and make collaborative road trip playlists before you leave. The playlist should include singalong classics, nostalgic throwbacks, and personal favorites. Update it with new songs you discover on the journey. Cruising the highways with a great soundtrack is key.

10. Play Travel Games


Timeless travel games entertain road-trippers of all ages. The license plate game, 20 Questions, Spot the Car, I Spy, and Name that Tune allows you to interact from the confines of the car. Invent your variations too. The sillier the better!

11. Go Sightseeing


Don’t just hop in your car and head there. Taking breaks to visit famous landmarks and oddball tourist attractions along the way adds to the enjoyment of a road trip. See which interesting locations are close to your route and make time to visit them. Together, we can laugh a lot when we explore strange places.

12. Video Yourselves


Document your hilarious antics by taking videos on your phones. Singing, inside jokes, dance parties, ramblings – anything goes. Edit it all together into a comedic “movie” chronicling your adventures. It will be a keepsake full of memories and laughs.

13. Have Heart to Hearts


One perk of road trips is lots of quality time to deepen your bonds through conversation. Share meaningful stories, discuss plans, and exchange wisdom during profound heart-to-heart. You’ll learn new perspectives and get closer.

14. Get Crafty


Do DIY crafts and art projects in the car or at rest stops. Collaborate on scrapbooks, design travel posters, make funny bumper stickers, or string friendship bracelets together. Getting creative on the road makes cherished mementos.

15. Take a Scenic Route


Don’t just stick to major highways – explore backroads! Meandering scenic byways reveal hidden gems like quirky roadside attractions, funky diners, or breathtaking landscapes you’d otherwise miss. Spontaneously wandering together brings adventure.

16. Plan Out Stops


Research interesting places to stop along your route for fun quick excursions. State parks, hiking trails, cavern tours, museums, historic sites, and roadside oddities all make for great group outings. Having cool attractions on the agenda gives you something to anticipate.

17. Sleep!


Respect when someone needs to recharge by catching some zzz’s, especially the driver. Switching off driving shifts ensures you always have a rested navigator. Sleeping passes the miles and keeps everyone safe.

18. Laugh About Mishaps


There will inevitably be some setbacks, such as flat tires, unclear directions, odd rest areas, and parking tickets. However, let the punches fly! Laugh together to get through the unforeseen hiccups in life. These mishaps often end up being your most hilarious shared memories.

19. Support Each Other


This one is key – help each other out! Offer to navigate, serve as DJ, make food stops, pose for pictures, wake each other up, and lend a listening ear. Being supportive leads to the best experience. You’re in this together!

20. Stay in Touch


Throughout your trip, keep your friends and family back home informed. Send them amusing pictures and stories so they can follow along on your journey. To add even more significance to the miles, ask your loved ones to send you their best wishes.

21. Play “Would You Rather”


The classic “Would You Rather” game always leads to laughs and banter. Pose silly scenarios like Would you rather only be able to whisper or always have to shout? Come up with funny, creative questions tailored to your friends. Things get competitive trying to outdo each other!

22. Do Mad Libs Together

Pass around a Mad Libs book and let the hilarity ensue as you fill in the blanks. Your wacky stories will soon have you in stitches. Making up your own personalized Mad Libs about your road trip takes it up a notch.

23. Tell Scary Stories

Dim the lights and take turns telling short scary stories when driving at night. You can draw from myths, classics, or your original ideas. Spooky vibes make drives more exciting and build suspense. Just don’t scare the driver!

24. Play Geography Games


Quiz each other’s geography knowledge with games like naming all 50 state capitals, identifying cities on a map, or listing countries in a region. It’s an educational way to engage from the backseat.

25. Do Trivia


Quizzes each other using trivia questions from books, apps, or your customized trivia cards to see how much you know about random topics. Subjects such as science, history, music, and film keep people’s minds active.

26. Change Up Seating Arrangements

Swap around seating every few hours so you interact with a new front seat buddy. Chatting with different people gives fresh conversational perspectives and dynamics.

27. Rate Rest Stops

Turn rest stops into a competition by rating them on cleanliness, amenities, and hospitality. Debate fiercely over whether a rest stop deserves 2 or 3 stars. Checking out weird rest stops becomes part of the adventure!

28. Invent Code Words

Come up with silly secret code words or phrases that only your group understands. Replace common words in normal conversation with your coded vocabulary. It’s like your own inside language!

29. Make Up Songs


Improvise funny songs together about your road trip. Remix classics with customized lyrics chronicling whatever hilarious happenings occur in the car. Getting creative with musical parodies is comedy gold!

30. Pack Costumes


Bring along some old costumes, silly accessories, and funky clothing items. At random intervals swap or mix up what you’re wearing for an impromptu fashion show. Driving in ridiculous getups amps up the fun.


Follow these fun things to do on a road trip with friends to guarantee endless laughs, inside jokes, and priceless moments. Get ready to make your next road trip the most amusing one yet with these entertaining ideas for games, music, conversations, stops, and more along the drive. Capture hilarious photos. Most of all, bond and make memories. Those are the best souvenirs. Laugh until your cheeks hurt. Inside jokes will last forever. Return home with lifelong friends.

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