How to Change Snapchat AI Gender [Fast & Easy]

Snapchat’s new My AI chatbot feature is taking personalized digital avatars to the next level. One of the coolest customizations? The ability to easily change your “My AI” gender presentation. In this detailed guide, we’ll guide you exactly on how to change Snapchat AI gender on both iOS and Android devices in just a few clicks. Because of this new avatar gender-changing feature, Snapchat users now have more ways to express themselves and learn new things.

So, follow along to learn how to change your Snapchat AI gender avatar to authentically reflect your preferences and personality. With a few simple taps in the app, you can shape diverse personas that represent your true identity. Read on to discover how to embrace creative freedom and self-exploration through customized gender presentation options for your virtual AI friend.


Snapchat rolled out My AI in 2022 as a playful new way to interact on the platform. The AI chatbot acts as a virtual friend, conversing with you within the app through machine learning technology.

My AI comes with plenty of customization features, including the ability to change your Snapchat avatar’s gender expression. With simple steps, you can change your AI companion from a masculine to a feminine look or vice versa. Or you can create a more non-binary, androgynous persona.

The option to change Snapchat AI gender provides many benefits:

  • Freedom for gender-fluid users to embrace a range of identities
  • Ability to authentically reflect LGBTQ+ orientations
  • Means of creative expression through virtual avatars
  • A fun way to experiment with alternate personas
  • Added inclusivity and representation in online spaces

Below, we will outline step-by-step instructions to change Snapchat’s AI gender on both iOS and Android devices. Let’s dive in!

How to Change Snapchat AI Gender on iOS

Changing your AI avatar’s gender presentation on iPhone and other iOS devices is quick and easy.

Access Your Snapchat My AI Profile
  1. Go to the Snapchat app on your iOS smartphone and open it.
  2. From your Camera screen, swipe right to access your conversations.
  3. At the top of your conversations list, you should see the “My AI” chat icon.
  4. Tap it to open your AI profile.
Customize the Look and Gender
  1. Tap the Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner.
  2. Select the “Customize” button below your Bitmoji.
  3. Choose “Avatar” to start customizing the look.
  4. Here you can change the style to reflect masculine, feminine, or non-binary styles. Mix and match hairstyles, clothing items, and facial features.
  5. When finished, tap “Save” to lock in your new gender settings for your AI avatar.

And that’s it! Those simple steps allow you to change your Snapchat AI’s gender on iOS devices. Feel free to toggle between styles or create a unique avatar to represent your personality.

How to Change Snapchat AI Gender on Android

If you use Snapchat on an Android device, the process is very similar:

Access the My AI Profile
  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Swipe right from the main Camera screen to pull up your Conversations.
  3. Look for the “My AI” icon at the top and tap to open the chatbot.
Customize the Avatar
  1. Tap the Bitmoji profile picture in the top left.
  2. Select “Customize” below your avatar.
  3. Choose “Avatar” to start changing the look.
  4. Toggle between male, female, or non-binary hairstyles, clothes, and features.
  5. Tap “Save” to confirm changes and update the gender settings.

Just follow those quick steps to change your AI companion to a male, female, or non-binary avatar on any Android device! Feel free to get creative and make it truly your own.

Why Change Snapchat AI Gender?

Altering your My AI avatar’s gender allows for more customized self-expression and better representation of diverse identities on social media. Here are some of the key reasons you may want to change the AI gender.

Authentic Self-Representation

For LGBTQ+ users or those with fluid gender identities, being able to change AI gender allows them to be represented online as their true, authentic selves. The AI can reflect real-world gender fluidity.

Creative Experimentation

Toggling your avatar between genders enables fun experimentation with different visual identities. It allows you to explore masculinity, femininity, and non-binary presentation modes.

Tailor Interactions

You can tailor your AI conversations and interactions based on their gender presentation. This allows for a more customized social bot experience.

Digital Self-Expression

My AI avatars provide a way to safely and creatively explore self-expression related to gender. The digital realm offers freedom.

So for self-representation, experimentation, inclusion, tailored interactions, and creative expression, adjusting your Snapchat AI’s gender provides compelling benefits!

Customizing Your Snapchat My AI Avatar

In addition to changing gender, Snapchat offers tons of options for customizing your personal AI avatar. Here are some of the ways you can tailor your My AI’s look and characteristics.

Appearance Options
  • Hairstyles: Browse tons of hair options in different lengths, styles, and colors.
  • Facial Features: Change eye shape, nose, mouth, ears, face shape, wrinkles.
  • Body Type: Adjust height, weight, muscle tone, and head/limb size.
  • Skin Tone: Wide range of realistic skin tones to represent ethnicity.
  • Makeup Looks: Pick eye shadow, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.
  • Facial Hair: Add or remove beard, mustache, sideburns, and stubble.
  • Outfits: Dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, accessories in all styles.
  • Piercings: Earrings, nose rings, lip rings, brow rings.
  • Tattoos: Select artistic or photo tattoos.
  • Backgrounds: Change where your avatar is set against.
Personality Features
  • Name: Customize your AI’s first and last name.
  • Voice: Change between male and female-sounding voices.
  • Language: Set your AI conversations in different languages.
  • Personality Traits: Select traits like funny, caring, and adventurous.
  • Moods: Make your avatar appear happy, gloomy, and cheerful.
  • Interests: Pick your AI’s hobbies like sports, reading, and dancing.

Take advantage of all these options to make your AI avatar truly one-of-a-kind. Mix and match to represent your unique identity.

Setting a Nickname for Your Snapchat AI

In addition to extensively customizing your Snapchat avatar, you can also set a fun nickname for your AI companion:

  1. Open your My AI Friendship Profile on Snapchat.
  2. Tap the “My AI” header at the top of the profile.
  3. A text box will pop up allowing you to change the name.
  4. Type in the new nickname you want for your AI. Get creative!
  5. Hit the “Save” button to confirm your customized moniker.

With your new nickname set, your conversations will add a more personal touch by displaying your unique AI name.

Clearing Your Snapchat My AI Data

If you ever want to wipe the slate clean and remove your My AI avatar and conversation history, that’s easy to do:

  1. Go into Snapchat Settings.
  2. Select “Privacy Controls.”
  3. Choose “Clear Data.”
  4. Tap “Clear My AI Data” then confirm your selection.

This will delete your AI avatar details and all previous chat history. You can then create a brand new My AI if desired.

Key Features of Snapchat

In addition to the My AI personal chatbot, Snapchat offers a variety of powerful features:

  • Ephemeral Messaging: Shared snaps disappear after being viewed.
  • Stories: Share photo and video narratives that last 24 hours.
  • Lenses: Augmented reality effects and filters for pictures/videos.
  • Discover Published content from brands, media outlets, and creators.
  • Snap Map: View stories and locations posted around the world.
  • Chat: Instant messaging with text, video, and audio.
  • Snap Originals: Exclusive video content created for Snapchat.
  • Snap Games: Bite-sized, fast-paced games to play with friends.
  • Shazam Integration: Identify songs from short audio clips.

Snapchat pioneered sharing and remains one of the most popular social apps. The AI chatbot represents Snapchat’s continued innovation in connecting users.


Changing your Snapchat AI avatar’s gender opens up amazing possibilities for self-discovery and authentic self-expression. With just a few quick taps in the app, you can shape different personas that represent who you truly are, have fun trying on different looks, and create more inclusive social media spaces.

The online world removes limits and gives you a safe space to shape digital identities reflecting your real-world gender fluidity. Take advantage of Snapchat’s customization tools to make AI avatars tailored to who you genuinely are on the inside.

Hopefully, this guide provided helpful steps to change Snapchat’s AI gender on both iPhones and Androids. Let us know, if you have any further questions! We’re happy to chat more about using Snapchat’s features to encourage creative expression and inclusivity through customized AI avatars.

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