WhatsApp Introduces Cute AI Button for Chatting with Meta AI

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has openly discussed the integration of Meta AI technology into WhatsApp. Recently, in September, Meta revealed its intentions to introduce an AI-driven chatbot to the WhatsApp messaging platform. This move harnesses AI for better app chats, making interactions smoother and more engaging.

The latest update seen on WhatsApp, as reported by WABetaInfo, showcases a new button right within the app. This button stands out above the “Start a New Chat” icon in the Chats tab. Its purpose is to make accessing the AI chat simpler for users. Previously, the AI chat feature was a bit hidden within users’ contact lists. 

Meta AI Button in Whatsapp

This change aims to make it more visible and easier for people to engage with. You can’t miss it.

It appears that you are speaking of a colorful shortcut meant to launch an AI-driven chatbot. This chatbot seeks to provide company, tailored guidance, and interesting exchanges. Now, users who download the most recent WhatsApp beta from the Google Play Store can test this feature in an advanced version.

While it’s in this testing phase, reports indicate that it might not be too far in the future before this AI chatbot becomes available in a stable version for all users.

The integration of Meta AI across Meta’s various platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, and its extension to innovative products like the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, has generated immense anticipation. Through the use of AI, this integration creates a seamless, networked experience for users across a range of Meta ecosystem devices and services.

Users are eager to explore how Meta AI will enhance their interactions, content creation, and overall experience across these diverse platforms and devices.


Meta’s WhatsApp integrates an AI chatbot, simplifying access with a visible button. The upcoming feature aims for personalized interactions and is in testing, anticipated for wider release soon. This aligns with Meta’s larger strategy of AI integration across platforms, sparking user excitement.

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